Sunday, May 17, 2009


Like a pussycat that has just been flattened by an eighteen-wheel truck carrying bridge parts, Life in Hana picks itself up, dusts itself off, and wonders just how many lives it has left. Not quite as infrequent a visitor as Halley's Comet, but by no means one of the more regular stars shining in the blogosphere...

Anyway, here we go again. It must be the spring that does this to me. That and having a sprained ankle that has got me firmly confined to barracks for the foreseeable future.

If you arrive at the main station in Olomouc (and allow me to recommend it - the rich pageant of humanity passing through its portals remains as multifaceted as ever and now the buffet has reopened in its latest guise you can even have a beer as you wait for the fashionably late train you were hoping to catch) there are various advertisements for commercial enterprises in our fair city. You might be surprised by some of them.

'PUSY' (vaguely continuing the feline theme) is actually the Czech for 'kisses', but the name of this emporium selling fabrics for fashionable young things of the female persuasion has caused more than a few double-takes in its time, I'll be bound; here's the shopfront:

Another place, the skateboard shop, doesn't much bother with, er, pussyfooting around. Dig that name; I wonder if they would use something like that (or get away with using a name like that) in Czech. And just in case you haven't got the picture, gentle reader, take a good look at the slogan for their sale:

Happy fucking shopping, sports fans!